Suitcase Packing List for Trip Home to CA

For what it's worth, I'd probably judge me too after reading this list.
  1. Suitcase
    Small Patagonia duffel to be precise. I don't think I need any of my larger bags.
  2. Minimal clothes
    Plenty of stuff to wear in my CA house. Probably boxers are all I really need.
  3. Giants Jersey and Hat
    Gotta be properly dressed for the ball game I'm attending.
  4. Rare beer acquired in Nashville.
    Acquired in my east coast travels for sharing with friends.
  5. PS4
    Traveling with a video-game system is possibly proof I'm not an adult, but I have no shame.
  6. Work phone + cabling
    Wherever I go, my office follows.
  7. Dopp kit
    Standard travel item
  8. Probably more clothes for padding
    As apparently my bag will be largely comprised of electronics and beer bottles, it looks like some unnecessary clothing is coming along to keep everything safe
  9. Fresh Bagels and cream cheese for @lucas
    To be acquired last minute on the way to JFK. Gotta pay for my airport pickup somehow.