1. Mission style super burritos
    This may warrant a separate list to quantify the defining characteristics of such a burrito.
  2. IN-N-OUT Burger
  3. Winters not involving snow.
    I am willing to suspend this desire given California's dire need of any type of winter precipitation.
  4. Summers not involving humidity
    Or the lingering scent of trash.
  5. Not being judged for wearing flip flops in any and all conditions.
  6. AT&T Park and the sporting activities involving it.
  7. Having a car.
    To clarify, I don't miss the CA requirement of car ownership (to get anywhere in a timely manner) but the availability of one close at hand should I desire to use it.
  8. Redwood trees
    NYC sorely lacks these beauts
    Suggested by @melissabzz