I wrote this around a year ago but never published it. Just added a few more items, but everything from the original draft rings true.
  1. The thick plastic blister packs Costco products come in.
  2. The Foodbabe
    Not to jump on the bandwagon, but how she's managed to successfully spew such utter BS under the guise of "science" boggles the mind.
  3. The ice-cream truck that parks on the corner outside my house playing the same annoying song EVERY SINGLE DAY!
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  4. Crocs
    Unless you work in a kitchen, you shouldn't be wearing these ever.
  5. Toilet paper rolls hanging against the wall.
  6. People on the MTA who don't give their seat to someone else obviously in need (disabled, elderly, small children, etc).
  7. The kids taking up an extra unused seat on a packed rush hour uptown 6 train to loudly beatbox.
    The number of unspoken subway rules they managed to break at once was ridiculous.
  8. People who buy rare beer to resell for a profit.
    Cellaring and trading for other rare beer is fine, just don't be a scumbag and try and profit off it. This goes double if it's something like the RRBC Framboise where all profits go to charity.
  9. People who pick the middle of an escalator or moving walkway to walk real slow or stand still.
  10. Couples Facebook profiles
  11. Any website that has a slideshow and/or requires multiple page loads to see a photo album that could be on a single page.
  12. Amtrak Wifi.
    Why even offer something if it NEVER works.