aka the answer to "Dude, how big is your family?!"
  1. Parents
    1 Mum and 1 Dad, as far as I'm concerned. However my siblings always did say I was adopted...
  2. Siblings
    2 Brothers - both older.
  3. Grandparents
    2 Grandmothers, Bibi and Ma. 1 Grandfather, Nana, and 1 late Grandfather.
  4. Aunts
    2 on my Mum's side, 3 on my Dad's side.
  5. Uncles
    0 on my Mum's side, 4 on my Dad's side.
  6. Cousins
    Brace yourselves - 4 on my Mum's side, 16 on my Dad's side.
  7. Nieces and Nephews
    I technically don't have any nieces and nephews (yet). However, in Indian culture, your cousins are your brothers and sisters. [And we mean all of them. Second cousins, that guy from the neighbourhood that's basically your cousin, everybody.] So all (20+) of their kids are considered my nieces and nephews. And I'm really not in the mood to count up the family tree, so let's just estimate like, around infinity. Yeah, infinity sounds about right.