I know there are more than just Americans on the internet. However, I just saw a li.st thing about the States, so... here it goes.
  1. Pro: Donald Trump is not running for Prime Minister
    This is pretty self-explanatory.
  2. Con: MTV says videos are "not available from your location"
    I'm a fifteen minute drive from your country, I'm not in the Arctic. Let me watch your free TV.
  3. Pro: Free Healthcare
    The wait time can be long, but at least there's no debt-ridden abyss at the end of it.
  4. Con: Most ".com" websites say videos are "not available from your location"
    Yeah, that's right. I'm calling ALL you bitches out.
  5. Pro: The average person is not permitted to carry a gun
    If they want to, there's a really lengthy process involving background checks and such. Even then, there are strict limitations.
  6. Con: The CAD (Canadian Dollar) is pretty bad right now
    It's around $0.75 American for $1.00 Canadian... That's brutal. The shopping and gas prices are cheaper in the states, but the exchange rate brings it back up to around par. Not really worth it to go down there in the current economy. (Is that the correct terminology in this context, the current economy? I have no idea.)
  7. Pro: The drinking age is 19
    It's actually 18 in a couple of provinces - Alberta and Quebec, I believe - but the rest of us are only a year behind.
  8. Con: Recreational Marijuana use has not yet been legalized anywhere in the country
    Trudeau's working on it.