The Veggie Taco Pizza Review I Promised But Never Followed Up On

Even though nobody asked for it.
  1. Tomato Sauce: not enough
    It left the pizza a little dry ; B-
  2. Sour Cream: too much
    I thought it would rehydrate the pizza from the lack of tomato sauce, but it just made it feel like I was spooning sour cream from the container ; C
  3. Cheese: just right
    Melty, gooey, sufficient amount ; A+
  4. Lettuce: inconsistent
    Some of it was light, crunchy, icebergy. But some of it was wilted and kind of wet(?) ; B+
  5. Seasoning: bueno
    It had a nice bite to it. Could've done with a bit more spice though ; A-
  6. Tomato: reviewer cannot give unbiased comments
    I don't like tomatoes. Maybe it's the texture, maybe it's their plot to ruin my life. Either way, I'm guessing they were satisfying for the average person ; X
  7. Overall: nice
    It was pretty good ; B+
  8. Leftovers: less impressive
    Taco pizza should be eaten warm... ; C+