for my future written endeavors. with explanations.
  1. Alarmingly Thrice
    just something I said once
  2. Smell of Pine and Jazz
    was walking past Christmas tree place on 7th ave and 3rd a year ago
  3. The 51st Shade
  4. Sometimes Clammy
    in reference to hands
  5. Back-Factory Blur
    went to Germany for Uncle's wedding, bakeries are called Back-Factories in Germany
  6. Hot Cocoa Jazz Hands
    something else from Germany; I think I was just being silly
  7. Billy Jean's Lover
  8. Blue Cheese Esque
    was describing a taste
  9. Truck Full of Pool Noodles
    sighted on a country road in Vermont
  10. Hardly
    something I say
  11. Slash Whatever
    something I said
  12. You Do The Math
    something my aunt marnie said when she was visiting a year ago; became a running joke
  13. In This Economy?
    Scott Aukerman says this on the CBB podcast at times it doesn't make sense, so I started saying it, so Feynberg started saying it
  14. In Case of Fire: Bring Sass
  15. Welcome To The Rose Garden
    there was a rose garden in Germany which I introduced my mom to in a very old woman-y German accent
  16. Bocce In The Rain
    played bocce in the rain with mom's boyfriend outside his parents house in Vermont
  17. Grumble Undertones
    everything I say
  18. Cabbage; As I Do
    was telling a story... "I was eating Cabbage, as I do..."
  19. A Farse at Best
    Word I learned in AP Lit + Jake and Amir line
  20. Sad, yet Hopeless
  21. The Botanist's Quarrel
    Feynberg wants ("wants") to become a botanist but is unsure of what to major in
  22. Listen...
    a la Bernie Sanders
  23. Victory Blvd
    an actual Blvd outside of NYC
  24. I Digress
    a fun lil saying to sound smart with
  25. Bread in Bed
    I don't remember where this one came from. someone was being gross
  26. A Complementary Loaf
    now I remember. I thought hotel rooms should come with bread (?)
  27. Trapped on Lower Chestnut
    when me and my mom were visiting Drexel in Philly, we didn't realize there was an upper and a lower chestnut street. We figured it out eventually.
  28. Reservoir of Hugs
    I hate the hugest at the beginning and end of family gatherings. Me: "I have a reservoir of hugs, and it is dry!"
  29. Admittedly Tubular
    just fun words together. no story
  30. Squiggles Galore
    my art
  31. Squiggletown
    also my art
  32. Footsie with Meemaw
    I am Rosie's Meemaw and we sit across the table in art. work it out
  33. Chutzpah And What Such
  34. if you have anymore pls let me know, this is a living list and hopefully will be for the rest of my life.