These are things I am doing to minimize the pain of returning to a regular work schedule. I highly recommend them.
  1. Plan meals for the week.
  2. Do I know where all my dress shoes are? My belts?
  3. Gather work brought home into my briefcase, place briefcase by door.
  4. Set alarm now so I already have in my head an earlier bedtime.
  5. Am I going to the gym tomorrow? It's going to be stupid there. Maybe just work out at home for January. But I'm going to risk it, where is my gear? Put it by the door.
  6. What are the three most important things I need to focus on tomorrow morning? Write em down. Email them to my work address.
  7. Change away autoresponder and away voicemail message now. You'll forget tomorrow.
  8. Decide today what time I am leaving work tomorrow. So I don't get caught up in "I've got so much to do and better work super late" symdrome.