Allow Me to Listroduce Myself

Several words that describe me as a person.
  1. Bookworm.
  2. Potterhead (Harry Potter fan for all you hipsters and muggles who don't know what it means.)
  3. And because of what I just wrote, judgmental.
  4. Hypersensitive.
  5. Introvert.
  6. Anxious.
  7. Easy crier. (I'm a sucker for emotional TV scenes and powerful music.)
  8. Speaking of tv: TV show binger
  9. Music listener.
  10. Child trapped in an adult's life (unfortunately not the body however... My puberty seems to have ended when I reached the ripe old age of 12.)
  11. Writer (when I push myself hard enough.)
  12. Procrastinator.
  13. Unable to live in the present.
  14. A good listener in my kind moments.
  15. Dog person. (That's not even a question.)
  16. Tea drinker.
  17. Unhealthy food addict.
  18. Vegetarian.
  19. Gay. (Totally gay. I have all the requirements, including a wonderful girlfriend, a fierce distaste for penises, and a rainbow flag bumper sticker on my car.)
  20. Feminist.
  21. FRIENDS fan (and eager quoter.)
  22. Gilmore Girls lover (my TV show equivalent of comfort food.)
  23. Unapologetic Disney fan. (Especially the classics.)
  24. Tim Burton mitigated enthusiast (why is it that only half his stuff is of good quality these days?)
  25. Purveyor of good advice.
  26. Annoying follower of holiday traditions.
  27. Likely to end my life as a crazy dog lady living in a large ranch-type house with an overcrowded library and rooms entirely decorated with fandom merchandise.
  28. Speaking of which - big spender on random gadgets and fandom merchandise.
  29. Bigger spender on books.
  30. Bookstore regular (my obsession for them will surely land me a spot on their Top *insert small number here* visitors ranking at my future hometown's local bookshop.)
  31. Future bookstore owner.
  32. Active lister (if you couldn't already tell from this neverending list.)
  33. Untalented at summing things up.
  34. And finally, unable to shut up once I get started. Okay, I'll stop now !