This list brought to you by 5 years in the service industry and 2 years on tinder
  1. "It's not offensive, white men just have a thing for Asian women...we can't help it."
    Tinder typical
  2. "I'm going to eat your gook pussy"
    An older man calling into the restaurant I work at
  3. "What's your number? 1-800-SEX-RICE? Lol jk what is it?"
    Oh yes, let me give you my real number
  4. "My ex-wife was from Japan too"
    An older man said to me in front of his current wife and son
  5. "You fucking chink, you probably don't even speak engrish."
    Found this gem of a guy on tinder. Turns out we attended the same high school! Small world!
  6. "You're old enough to pour me a beer?"
    Yeah but now you're not getting another beer
  7. "I'm glad we'll be studying together. You'll really whip me into shape, because you're Asian."
    Glad I could help?
  8. "Asian girl with an're a rare breed."
    Ooh like breed of a dog? Or horse?