1. Wikileaks
    Apparently a pretty big deal, but different than Wikipedia. Also, Edward Snowden?
  2. Icing in hockey
    Literally ice everywhere, wth is this? Go Bruins
  3. Real leather
    Does PETA care about this or am I WAY off? Does PETA hate the NFL?
  4. PETA in the Hunger Games
    Is it seriously just Peter and we are all idiots?
  5. Cells
    I didn't raise my hand in the 5th grade and I'm still not. Confusing AF
  6. People who are outraged by the Kardashians
    You're making them more famous.
  7. Origin of verb "trolling"
    Really scary pic and not related to Internet trolling. Trolls are described as mountain dwellers who "rarely helped human beings". But seemed to mind their bizz? Again, just don't get it.