Most of these are very easy reads. Like grade 5 reading level easy
  1. When people ask me what my favourite book is I say a Tale of Two Cities
    It is a historically rich and interesting story, the characters' stories are all connected! This is the only book on this list that's not an "easy read
  2. But it's actually Harry Potter, like everyone else .
  3. A Wrinkle in Time
    A child's dystopian novel. Awesome
  4. Fahrenheit 452
    Another great dystopian novel.
  5. Brave new world
    An oddly creepy and interesting dystopian novel
  6. The Adventures of Ulysses
    An abridged version of The Odyssey, so it's not so boring
  7. Hamlet
    The first Shakespeare play to discuss death and what it means. Just kidding, everyone dies all the time in Shakespeare. But to be or not to be really gets in there
  8. The Hunger Games
    A great easy dystopian series
  9. The Giver
    Have you noticed I really like dystopian novels
  10. Northanger Abbey
    The naive protagonist reminds me of me
  11. Pride and prejudice
    Smart books can be funny ? Whaa?
  12. Holes
    Ooohh I understand irony now
  13. The Book Thief
    Nazi Germany sucked for Germans too!!
  14. Anything by Sophia Kinsella
    She's witty and funny
  15. Anything by Karl pilkington
    Not witty but he's the funniest human on earth and may be both an idiot and a genius
  16. To be continued maybe probably not