1. Peanut butter
    I buy peanut butter prophylactically cuz I'm afraid to run out. So many amazing savoury foods incorporate peanut butter. I also make the worlds best salad using peanut butter.
  2. Coconut oil
    The solution to most of life's problems
  3. Mascarpone
    The king of all creamy things. Add a little teaspoon to any dish or sandwich and it becomes 100% better
  4. Sesame oil
    If I'm cooking fish especially
  5. Truffle oil
    Improves anything
  6. Apples
    Apples on chicken, apples on sandwiches, apples on salad, apples with peanut butter as a snack. I do love them apples
  7. Chili
    I'm always down to spice up my life 🌶
  8. Garlic
    Sometimes I add garlic powder to roasted garlic cuz it's not garlicky enough
  9. Balsamic vinegar
    Improves any meat or chicken you're cooking. And improved boring healthy salads
  10. Red onion
    I can't think of any savoury food that doesn't go with red onions
  11. Marmite
    Marmite chicken wings are my fave. But a little teaspoon of this adds unique flavour to certain dishes
  12. Corn
    Corn salad, cornbread, elotes, corn in a husk, popcorn, so many of my favourite foods are corn based.
  13. Loose tea
    You heard me. Have you ever baked using tea leaves? It's fantastic. But it has to be fancy/fruity complex flavours from tea shops, not plain black tea. I'm pretty sure David's tea post recipes on their website or Twitter or something. My jasmine banana bread is 💯 side note- also works great in cocktails
  14. Blueberries
    I make a really good blueberry steak sauce. But for real, it can add a really nice sweet touch to any savoury dish
  15. Greek yogurt
    I use this instead of butter when baking and it works and it's healthy
  16. Sage
    I will find any excuse to make a dish that goes with sage butter sauce
  17. Pears
    Goes really nicely with far East Asian food