1. Sauter du coq a L'âne— To jump from a rooster to a donkey.
    How did we get from point A to point B in this conversation ?
  2. Les carrots sont cuites— The carrots are cooked.
    What's done is done. I'm amused because as the culinary capital of the world, they could've chosen something more interesting than carrots.
  3. Na3eeman
    This is something endearing to say to someone in Arabic after they've had a shower/haircut/clean shave. Like "congrats on looking fresher, dear." There is really no way to translate it, but it makes me feel precious and I love it because it makes no sense.
  4. Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof- I only understand the train station.
    German for "I have no idea wtf that person is saying." I think this originated from the universal inability to understand train conductors.
  5. Die Katze im Sack kaufen- To buy a cat in a sack.
    German for "that person made a poor purchase because they didn't learn more about it first."
  6. Att glida in på en räkmacka- To slide in on a sandwich? I think?
    Swedish for "that person didn't earn their good fortune, it was handed to them."
  7. Det föll mellan stolarna— It fell between the chairs."
    Swedish for "An excuse made by two people who where supposed to complete a task but neither did."
  8. Something Thai meaning "one afternoon in your next lifetime"
    "It's never gonna happen." Such a mellow rejection.
  9. Russian phrase that translates to "galloping across Europe"
    To do something hastily. This amuses me because to everyone else galloping across Europe is dreamy and adventurous but this saying perpetuates the stereotype that Russians hate fun
  10. "Kol sana wenty tayeba"— Every year and you are kind
    It's just something in Arabic you say at any holiday birthday or celebration of any sort.
  11. "Atalto w roht ganazo" — You killed him then went to his funeral.
    Arabic for "You stabbed that person in the back and now you are rubbing it in their face."
  12. "Be takol roz bel laban ma3 el malayka"—Eating rice pudding with the angels.
    Arabic saying, meaning "That person is having a peaceful, deep sleep."
  13. "Men 3anaya"— From my eye
    Anything for you 😘
  14. "L'Appel Du Vide"—The call of the void.
    A strange desire to do something crazy/dangerous despite knowing how foolish it is.
  15. "Après moi, Le Dèluge"— After me, the flood
    " Meaning: a way to describe someone who selfishly does not think about the consequences of their actions.
  16. "L'esprit D'escalier"— staircase wit
    Coming up with a perfect solution/comeback once it's too late.
  17. "Nostalgie De La Boue"— yearning for the mud
    Desiring a simpler time.
  18. "Habla we massekouha tabla"— That person is an idiot and then they handed him/her a drum
    Implying someone has done something very silly
  19. "Taking the piss"
    British implying someone is messing around. Sometimes used to imply someone is joking, sometimes to imply someone is taking their sweeeet time with something or leading you astray on purpose
  20. "Taking the Mickey out of me/ Taking the Mick
    Mocking someone. "Ex. she's taking the mick by adding already English phrases to this list"