1. Trees rustling
  2. A pot of water boiling
    That means it's almost pasta time 🍝
  3. Ocean waves softly crashing against the shore🌊
  4. Quiet, sing-songy birds in the morning
    Although now when I hear it I wait for the Beyoncè intro to Hymn for the Weekend.
  5. Pages flapping against each other
  6. A lion roaring
    I can't really explain why but the sound triggers some kind of awakening for me
  7. Heart sounds
    Every time I go to listen with my stethoscope I picture that scene in Tarzan where he's listening to Jane's heart to see that she's a living being just like him. It just feels so human and intimate.
  8. The slow, rhythmic breathing of someone sleeping
    Not to sound creepy or anything it just sounds so peaceful.
  9. Closing a hardcover book
  10. Chalk writing on a chalkboard
  11. Emptying my trash can on my MacBook🗑
  12. Ticking something off a to-do list
  13. A fire spitting