Aside from all the cool lawyer plot twists that happen every episode. Thank you @katrinacullingworth for the request
  1. Louis giving an insane presentation about his plight dealing with Jeff using awkward photoshopped pictures to "chair Jessica"
  2. Part 2
  3. When Harvey goes to ask the jury of Mike was going to be found innocent and they say they knew he committed the crime but we're going to find him innocent anyway
    It beautifully summarized the concept of good and bad and innocent and guilty. Sometimes people with the purest hearts do things that are technically wrong. Terrible people walk around every day living a normal life because they technically didn't break any rules. The current justice system hasn't yet cracked this concept yet..
  4. When Mike, who hadn't spoken to his grandmother for a long time because of work excitedly shows Rachel the apartment he bought her and Rachel tells him she passed away
    Heartbreaking scene. Important lesson. She was the whole reason he got into the whole lawyer thing and by the time he could show something for it it was too late. Important not to just go through the motions and lose sight of what's important
  5. Any time Louis mentions mudding
    Whenever the series comes to a sad end my hope is that it ends with Louis and Harvey mudding with the camera slowly zooming out
  6. When Louis finds out Mike's secret simply because Mike starts asking him about the Harvard key to cheer Louis up
    Reminds me of the way Hank found out Walter White's secret. Not as genius but pretty great
  7. When Harvey threatened to leave if Jessica fired Mike
    Loyalty so good
  8. Donna and Rachel pretending to be Harriet Spector and Michelle Ross
    So cringey and hilarious
  9. When Harvey said "I don't have dreams, I have goals"
    I liked this a lot. I think it's important aspirations but aspirations without hard work and planning is fiction
  10. Harvey's reaction to Donna leaving
    "I can't be me without you" "I don't wanna know what kind of lawyer I'd be without you"
  11. "Anyone else ever loses faith in me, it doesn’t matter. But with you, it’s different.”
    "You know I love you, Donna"
  12. When the feud between Nigel and Louis ended because Louis fell in love with Nigel's cat
  13. Every time Mike risked going to jail to protect Harvey
    Loyalty so good
  14. When Harvey said "If life is here 💁🏻 I wanna live here 🙋🏻"
    Pretty cool guy thing to say
  15. When Harvey said "I could be drinking a juice box and still kick your ass"
    Such a random funny thing to say
  16. Any time Louis uses his dictaphone