Fictional Characters I Strongly Identify With

  1. Brie van de Kemp
    I was asked this question during a residency interview and this was my answer. The interviewer laughed so hard. For real though she's often mistaken for being heartless but is actually very caring, it's just she's able to compartmentalise her emotions and deal with them at a more useful/appropriate time.
  2. Minerva McGonagall
    Strong, fair, seems cold at first but is secretly caring and it really shows in times of need. Loves her job. Mysterious and independent. I always thought she must have had her heart broken in some way— I read JK Rowling'a backstory and it's true
  3. Jessica Day
    Dorky and kind, couldn't pull off being trendy/cool even if I tried. I am not as girly/adorable though.
  4. Kate from LOST
    Independent to a fault. Always on the move