1. Communicate with me via eye contact
    Giphy downsized medium
  2. Remember something seemingly insignificant I said a long time ago
  3. Be the guy who chats to shy awkward people at parties
    I am one of them.
  4. Be nice to your mom
  5. Be respectful to my parents
  6. Introduce me to a cool new restaurant
  7. Compliment my hair
  8. Go get the car and pick me up from the door so I don't ruin my hair in the rain // struggle in heels (without me asking. I'll probably never ask)
  9. Tell me something smells like me
  10. Tell me you started doing something differently because of me.
  11. Give good hugs, even if they're a little awkward if I can feel the love it's a good hug.
  12. Be someone who takes forever to get over someone
  13. Ask me about my day and be interested in the answer
  14. Play with my hair
  15. Play with my cheeks