What a roller-coaster today was.
  1. I cooked!
    Well, actually I ate my leftover lunch from yesterday and cereal while I waited for the duck filet to finish (came out simultaneously burnt and undercooked and I ate it anyways. This is potentially dangerous)
  2. I called occupational health about the needle stick injury I had on Saturday💉
    Actually, I fell asleep on the phone while the lady yelled at me for not being careful. Pray I don't get anything bad please
  3. I ate a papaya
    I usually wait until they go bad before I notice them so yes, accomplishment.
  4. I did laundry!
    It was either that or walk to a store and buy more underwear. Side note: I've done this before and I have 2-3 month supply of underwear. That's a lot of laundry
  5. I washed the dishes
    No catch. I really did
  6. I went to the post office
    Ok. I took a taxi there because it was a 30 minute walk.
  7. It was the wrong post office so I bought stationary and a bunch of pens so make the trip feel less useless
    Nurses are constantly stealing my pens so this was for the best. (I can't blame them; nurses to pens are like magpies to diamond rings. I know this and yet I litter my pens all over the unit and feel too embarrassed to ask for them back)
  8. I was waiting for my taxi beside 'the hippie hippie shake shack" so I thought it would be polite to buy a smoothie, keeping one eye on the curb
  9. The barista looked like the ghost of Paul McCartney. I said this to him and asked him f he got that a lot (he didn't).
  10. He asked me to leave (he was closing... He says)
  11. My taxi took 20 minutes to arrive. I got into the wrong car twice
    At this point I was starting to regret getting out of bed and was ready to turn around
  12. Finally my taxi came. He made me throw out my smoothie (fair).
  13. Finally got to the right post office and the lady wouldn't help because she was closing (in an hour). It's possibly she sucks a little.
    I had to pay for another expensive taxi to get home. I spent almost 50£ that day on taxis, which is basically what I make in a day
  14. Also, this post office had way better stationary
    They had Through the Looking Glass notebooks!
  15. At this point I got really sad and started to actually regret staying in bed so long and wasting my day. I began to despair
    It's crazy how fragile we are
  16. Then I watched HIMYM for 4 hours and ordered Chinese (with the window open so I could fool myself into thinking I was actually enjoying the beautiful weather)
    Because what's the point
  17. I paid my bills to do something useful
  18. I called my mom
    Call your mom guys. It always makes her day even if you're half asleep and whiny
  19. I did some reading for my exam.
    For 1 hour. I really thought I would be doing that all day today (with my awesome shiny haircut & blowdry)
  20. And now I'm getting ready for bed, with a 14 day stretch of shifts ahead of me (half of which are on calls).
    I will most certainly not get any studying done during this time
  21. I didn't accomplish 90% of the things I thought I would today
  22. I don't even have groceries for the next fortnight
    The best part about living in England is being able to say fortnight unironically
  23. But, hey. At least I got out of bed