Easily the easiest list to make. In no particular order..
  1. Dim sum
    Particularly bao. Those steamy buns are delicious.
  2. Cereal
    I could eat cereal for any meal. It's a beautiful invention. My favourites include strawberry special K and cinnamon toast crunch, but honestly have you ever had bad cereal?
  3. Parmesan fries with truffle mayo
    Just French fries would do actually
  4. Roasted potatoes
    How great are potatoes though ??
  5. Sushi
    Particularly toro and uni
  6. Calamari
    Lightly breaded with black pepper and lemon
  7. Èlote
    Mexican corn on the cob roasted with this amazing creamy sauce
  8. Homemade guacamole with rye crackers
    Once I got up at 4am to make this. Who knows why
  9. Popcorn
    With chipotle seasoning. The half popped ones are the best
  10. My homemade peanut butter lime chicken salad
    With roasted corn and avocados and dates. See previous list if you're intrigued
  11. My dad's moussaka
    It's just so sweet that even when he's unwell if he just hears a whisper that I'm in the mood he'll run to the store and within 45 minutes I'm eating the best moussaka in the world. It tastes like love
  12. My mom's chicken orzo soup
    Tastes like when she looks after me