1. I had made my decision to stay in the UK
  2. Working as a doctor in Canada brings many great career opportunities and better support
    This is due to how thin the NHS is being stretched
  3. It's just not where I wanted to be
  4. Even to go and try it out and see I knew I'd get so caught up I'd forget about what I really wanted
  5. I had also met the love of my life in the UK which was not the deciding factor but strongly influenced my feelings about it
  6. Then my parents got sick
  7. I took residency in Canada
  8. I have years to decide if it's where I want to be but maybe not that long with my parents
  9. The transition has been really hard even though I grew up here
  10. Residency is tough, they are constantly monitoring and criticising you even when you've just finished a 26 hour on call
    (As they should, patient safety depends on it)
  11. I only have 4 days off a month most of the time (weekend days that everyone has off anyway)
  12. I'm learning a lot but I'm struggling
  13. I haven't really made any friends
  14. I love my family and I know I'm doing the right thing.. I just can't help feeling that while everyone else my age is building their life and setting their path I am stuck in limbo for an indefinite amount of time
  15. I shouldn't complain Canada is a wonderful country with kind people and I have an amazing opportunity and I absolutely love what I do
  16. It's just not what I planned
  17. 💭