Picture Diary of My Weekend in Nantes💫

Thank you so much @solena and @rahim for your hospitality and kindness
  1. Mural on the street I stayed in
  2. Bed had a canopy!
    This has always been a dream of mine
  3. Peter Pan? themed gate beside the apartment. No idea what it's gaurding, it was a little creepy actually
    Solena says this neighbourhood used to be bad and is now hipster. My kinda place!
  4. Amazing art display!
    The football (soccer) field is all wonky but looks normal in the reflection! Very clever
  5. Art display turned children's park
    Supposed to be a dragon 🐲
  6. Château de ducs de Bretagne🏰
  7. The château's moat 🏝🐊
  8. Le lieu unique
    Cake factory turned spa?🏊🎂
  9. Fountain in Place Royale that represents Nantes! Each character in the corner is supposed to represent a river
    Nantes used to be partially submerged in water!
  10. Pastry party with @solena
  11. Passage Pommeraye
    Very pretty shopping centre
  12. Giant mechanical elephant at Les Machines e L'ile
    Gallery full of realistic mechanical animals
  13. Giant mechanical pterodactyl
  14. Giant mechanical spider that spits at you...
  15. Some pretty brave kids
  16. Venus fly traps!
  17. Jardin Japonais
  18. Doing some work on the Loire river
  19. Exploring Trentemoult, a very beautiful village that Solèna and Rahim showed me around
    We went here via boat bus 🛳
  20. So pretty
  21. Toute les coleurs 🐛
  22. 😍
  23. We had apple flavoured tea in this very cute shop
  24. The parc obviously had a tribute to Pokemon Go
  25. Solèna and Rahim very kindly invited me over for dinner, desert and cards (I won 😀)
  26. Solèna's origami pumpkin patch!
  27. She taught me how to make a tomato/pumpkin!
  28. She made me one of her designs (which Im thinking of turning into into a keychain)
  29. Plant pot made of plant pots in the Jardin des Plants
  30. I ❤️ parcs
  31. Eerie looking plants made to look like a giant eye
  32. Plants that have their own personal umbrellas
  33. I noticed palm trees everywhere despite it not being a warm climate! I like this
  34. Cathedral de Saint Pierre et Saint Paul
  35. Last meal, where I successfully ordered the food entirely in French and had a conversation with the barista. I even gave someone directions! In French!
  36. My overall impression of Nantes: it is beautiful, peaceful and full of art and creativity. The people were kind and down-to-earth; no one seemed to mind that I was terrible at the language and they all seemed really pleased to have a visitor
  37. And I made some great friends ❤️ @solena @rahim