A list of qualities I've noticed in the people I look up to that I aspire to achieve.
  1. Observant
    Of other people, of society, of nature. If someone notices a seemingly minute detail, I am thoroughly impressed
  2. Environmentally conscious
    I expect all forward thinking, intelligent people to treat the earth with respect
  3. Considerate
    Being considerate to others is a matter of awareness
  4. Continuous education
    I don't mean schooling, I mean recognizing our an endless gaps of knowledge and continuously trying to fill them— a wonderfully endless pursuit
  5. Research
    About every day things like purchases, trips, where you're going to eat, your health, etc. The best way to make good decisions is to research them.
  6. Reading
    Any reading, even if it's spending hours on Wikipedia.
  7. Humble
    Smart people realize they're not actually that smart and always have a long way to go. Overly-confident people are frightening members of society.
  8. Private about their successes
    I just feel like a truly hard-working and successful person doesn't need to show it off.
  9. Honest
    Honesty in every sense of the word. Honesty with yourself, intentions and communication. Lying is dumb.
  10. Patient
    Excellence takes time, and this must be recognized to achieve it.
  11. Kind
    If you need to bully people to accomplish something, then I will doubt how good you are at it.
  12. Teachable
    A smart person knows they don't know everything and will be open to improvement, with a positive attitude towards criticism/ learning.
  13. Helpful
    A smart person recognizes that whatever they know or have was granted through the help of others, and would be willing to pay it forward. I guess this is more a good quality than smart one but I'm going to keep it here anyway.
  14. Appreciates art
    Not just in a snobby "I see the perils of consumerism in this random colourful painting" way. But simply recognizing and appreciating complex/unconventional forms of intelligence and human expression.
  15. Appreciates athletes
    Doesn't matter if you don't like playing/watching sports. At least recognizing the incredible physical feats and the discipline required to achieve them.
  16. Non-judgemental
    The hardest quality to achieve. It's natural to look for faults in others to absolve our own. When there isn't much stopping us from making the same mistakes. Every couple of weeks at work, we have "morbidity and mortality" meetings (discussions about medical cases with possible errors involved and what we can do to avoid repeating them). They are depressing. The thing I like about them, though, is that most doctors are there thinking "that could have been me" and use the opportunity to learn.
  17. Ambitious
    Not necessarily in their careers. Just in life. A constant quest for 'more,' whatever more means to you.
  18. Content
    Ambition and feeling content can and should coexist. Smart people recognize the limitations of what this world has to offer and are satisfied with what they have, regardless of how little that is.