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  1. Just saw that you tagged me in this @solena
  2. Hello, I am a doctor in training 👋🏽 great list!
  3. 1. Did you always want to go into the medical field and are you happy with your career?
    I considered other careers, I really like writing and wanted to do something with that. My creativity and love for science also drew me to civil engineering and research in biology/medicine. I kept coming back to medicine because it was fascinating, ever-changing, and most importantly would always give me an avenue to look after my community. And yes, I love it. I would do it for free. I'm never sad it's Monday or counting down to my next day off, and that to me is the meaning of success.
  4. 2. How many years of schooling did you do post high school?
    5 for my medical degree, 2 years rotating internship.. working towards 3 core medical training, then 3 fellowship. People who went to school in North American did more years of undergrad. The important thing is not to think about how long it'll be before you're "done" (hint: you're never done) and just enjoy the ride!
  5. 3. How much did your educational loans add up to?
    I try not to think about this. Somewhere in the 200,000+ range
  6. 4. What's the best part of your job?
    Improving someone's quality of life. This usually means making them better but often means helping them take control of/improve their situation or at least being at peace with it. I also love the relationship I have with my colleagues. We all work hard and can have a good laugh no matter how high the pressure gets, it's wonderful.
  7. 5. What's the worst part of your job?
    When I can't give someone the care they need because of funding/rules I don't agree with
  8. 6. What's your most unhealthy lifestyle choice.
    I don't exercise enough. I do try, and I know health nuts will say you have to make time! But I honestly feel I have a certain quota of energy every day and usually don't have enough left for it. It's really bad though I need to re prioritise some things
  9. 7. What's your overall career goal?
    I don't personally feel there is a ladder in medicine! It depends what your field is, but the top for anyone is being so experienced in something people will turn to you for advice when medical evidence isn't enough... for me I want to be a respiratory/critical care specialist. I quite like nephrology though and go back and forth a lot
  10. I'd love to be friends🤗
    You should get that mole checked by someone in person though