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  1. Season 5
    The struggle around how to get Mike out of being found guilty and protecting Harvey reminds viewers where it all started- a beautiful friendship between Mike and Harvey. It also explores the value of loyalty
  2. Season 2
    I enjoyed the Daniel Hardman drama and not having Trevor around.
  3. Season 1
    Strong start, all the characters are immediately intriguing. The dynamic between them is captivating.. I didn't like Trevor or Jenny though
  4. Season 4
    I thought Mike going to work at an investment firm would be a nice twist but it was just another Pearson Hardman and Mike trying to be Harvey with his own hot secretary. Also the Logan-Rachel drama was more upsetting than interesting
  5. Season 3
    That Ava Hessington stuff wasn't interesting enough to be dragged out so long. Fun moments though, particularly Nigel vs. Louis