Sleep science is fascinating and not discussed enough IMO
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    There is no real recommended # of hours for adults to sleep. It's how ever may you usually need to feel refreshed and alert, that number is different for everyone.
    Usually 5-9
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    There are 4 stages of sleep and then REM (rapid eyemovement). It takes 90-110 minutes to get through the whole cycle
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    Stage 1- light sleep
    If you ever felt suddenly like you were falling or felt muscle contractions this was during light sleep.
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    Stage 2
    Eyes stop moving, brain electrical activity slows but rises intermittently in short bursts
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    Stage 3- early deep sleep
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    Extremely slow brain waves (delta) with smaller, faster waves in between. No eye movements or muscle activity
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    Stage 4- deep sleep
    Delta waves only. No eye movements or muscle contractions
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    REM (rapid eye movements)
    Where the magic happens. This is when your brain processes new information and emotions from the day. This is when dreams happen. This part of sleep is crucial for cognitive development and memory. If you don't get a proper night's sleep, you miss out on REM sleep
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    Dreams part of your brain's way of processing new information and feelings
    The science of dreams is fascinating AF
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    Sleep is when your body does most of its bodily repair work
    Healing slows and immunity is effected when you don't sleep properly
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    If you're not sleeping properly, you won't retain as much studying or learning you've done that day
    Sleep counts as studying!
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    Other things that are affected by poor sleep:
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    Beauty sleep is a thing. Not sleeping well ages you. The best makeup is a good nights sleep πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘΅πŸ½
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    Chronic pain
    Studies have shown that insomnia directly increases your risk of fibromyalgia and sensitivity to any other cause of pain
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    Poor sleep increases risk for depression, anxiety and other psychological problems. I start to feel very sad towards the end of a stretch of on calls
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    Not just in school or work, so many car accidents happen due to bad sleep
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    Impairs your ability to remember things and make new memories
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    If you don't re-energise your body will try to hold on to calories for energy. Probably, metabolism is such a mystery tbh.
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    Don't set multiple alarms
    Every time you snooze you restart the sleep cycle, you will ultimately make yourself more tired.
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    How to battle insomnia/poor sleep:
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    First step: why aren't you sleeping? Is it trouble falling asleep or interrupted sleep?
    Are you anxious? Is there another underlying medical problem stopping you? See your doctor if you're not sure πŸ€—
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    If you snore, consider the possibility that you have sleep apnea and it's your poor breathing keeping you up
    See your GP, they can arrange a sleep study!
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    Sleep hygiene
    Get up and go to bed at the same time every day. The bedroom should be for sleeping and ... Other bedroom activities only. Work, watching TV, etc should be done elsewhere. Sleep in a dark, quiet environment.
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    If you really can't fall asleep, don't force it, get up and do something then try again later
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    Cut down on caffeine
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    Avoid doing stimulating activities before bed
    Anything with a screen is the worst culprit. Evening exercise is also very stimulating
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    The best treatment for insomnia is cognitive behavioural therapy
    CBT is an amazing thing and it's been proven to improve sooooo many things.
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    If you have insomnia and someone prescribes you a benzodiazepines, you should ideally only be on it for 2 weeks. If you take it any longer than this it can affect your memory and increase your risk of dementia, also, it's highly addictive.
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    If you really need tablets still, drowsy antihistamines are safer than benzodiazepines!
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    Don't ignore the problem, sleep is so important for your physical and mental health 🌜