1. I stayed up late to make myself truffle pasta for lunch. I thought I would add some chill garlic salt and then this happened.
    Don't buy cheap salt shakers
  2. The Subway at my hospital doesn't have banana peppers
  3. The hospital book store stopped selling my favourite snacks. Now it's just books
    I can't eat books
  4. I left my favourite hoodie at home in Toronto
    It felt like a big warm hug. My dad bought it for me from bubba gump shrimp in New York because I was too cold, even though it was crazy expensive and pretty ugly
  5. I didn't realise quite how tinted my lip balm was and spent the entire ward round like this
    Would you trust someone with your life if they looked like this?
  6. I now have FOUR email addresses I have to check regularly
    My normal gmail, my hospital email, my NHS email, and my doctors.uk.net email. It's too much
  7. I accidentally knocked something down with my bum
    I have gained weight so quickly I'm no longer aware of my dimensions
  8. I bought bubble tea and they forgot to give me a thick straw
    How am I supposed to drink this?
  9. I finally learned what a "Charlie horse" is today. OUCH
    At least now when patients say "you know, like a Charlie horse?" when I ask them to describe their pain, I can say "yes. Damn. (Probably not the damn"
  10. My housemate is baking cookies and I can smell them as I'm studying and she hasn't offered me any and we don't know each other well enough yet for me to ask
    How is anyone supposed to focus in this environment
  11. I can't type the word 'easy' on my phone without it autocorrecting to esophagus. Extremely stressful situation
  12. I thought I had a few episodes of Mindy Project and Silicon Valley to catch up on but both were season finales
    Try Netflix and cry