Talents I Wish I had

  1. Ballet
    It's so beautiful and difficult it aches and fills me with joy to watch
  2. Piano🎹
    I really tried. How do your hands multitask like that?
  3. Any athletic feat🏅
    I am a potato. They say humans will never be as physically able as they are today. I'm not taking advantage of this at all.
  4. Statistics
    I like math and I'm pretty good at calculus and trigonometry. But I really struggle to wrap my head around anything in stats unless it's medically relevant and even that took a while.
  5. Art🖌🎨
    I just don't understand. You imagine it and then you create it with your hands/medium ? Are you magic? How did you actually do that ?
  6. Singing
    Are you a magical bird. How did you get your larynx to do that. I have a larynx too but I could never train it to do that.
  7. Anything IT🛰
    My talents with computers include getting really angry and going into fetal position when something doesn't work.
  8. Tailoring ✂️📌
    There are so many clothing ideas I wish existed but my hands don't know how to make them happen. (I can do stitches though!)
  9. Photoshop
    I wish I didn't have to spend hours preparing presentations using Paint
  10. Winter Sports 🎿⛸
    Sliding around on ice with knives under my feet? Throwing myself off a mountain standing on slides? Nope, don't need a concussion, thanks for the offer. Being Canadian, this keeps coming up and I wish I could either learn or make it go away.