Winter is coming and ED is becoming impossible 🚨Not being dramatic, but thinking twice before going could save lives. Sick patients can get neglected (unintentionally) when you take up the emerg staff's time with non-emergency problems
  1. Sick note for work
    Don't get me started in this. I don't even think GPs should have to deal with this. Companies need to stop with this.
  2. You need a repeat prescription
    Go to your GP.
  3. You've had a problem for years, you feel fine today, you didn't make an appointment with your GP.
    I know in a lot of places it takes forever to get an appointment so I do understand. But please at least try to get one first before going to the ER.
  4. You want a second opinion on something that's been investigated before (and you feel fine today)
    It it is your right to get a second opinion. But this is not the place for it.
  5. Minor scrapes or injuries
    Cuts, sprains, small burns, etc. If you're genuinely worried by all means. But seriously your GP can probably deal with it or at least tell you if it needs ED.
  6. Chronic pain
    I know it sucks. The doctors want to help you. But they can't prescribe you with something that they can't follow up on. Your GP will know you better and have the resources to follow-up on any treatment prescribed.
  7. Toothache or tooth related problems
    Go to a dentist. Doctors don't know anything about teeth.
  8. Common cold
    Only if it's minor obviously. If it's just a minor cough, ear ache, migraine, fever < 38.... GP...
  9. You want a specific referral or investigation and it's taking too long to go through your GP
    I understand the frustration, really. But that waiting list is to prioritize true emergencies, the slot/time you take you're taking away from other emergencies
  10. If you're not sure, call your GP, nurse advice line or urgent care clinic to get advice. Unnecessary ED visit won't be fun for you either to sit for hours and then get sent home with something you could've gotten in 30 mins!
  11. Your GP is your best friend and is skilled in every specialty! Use them! If they can't help you with something they can at least direct you to the right person.
  12. Sleep Apnea?
    Doctors don't know anything about sleeping problems such as Apnea. Go to a sleep study center in your district. It might be free at most times, if not let your insurance cover it. After that study, they will recommend 3 options, a CPAC machine which enforces air pressure in your lungs, a mouth oral device which moves your jaw forward, and a surgery to remove the Oropharynx.
    Suggested by @LordMiyagi
  13. @LordMiyagi hmmm I don't necessarily agree with this, respiratory and anesthetic doctors specialize in sleep apnea... agree it's not an emergency though!
  14. A strep test on a weekday
    Suggested by @Boogie