After a 3 day weekend on-call, I woke up early thinking I would get so much studying/chores done. It's been 3 hours and I have done 0 things
  1. Eat the emergency digestive biscuits in my room instead of making actual food
  2. Watch Scrubs reruns and call it studying
  3. Try to come up with a cool hairdo incorporating a hair scarf so I don't have to shower
  4. Try to learn how to cut hair on YouTube so I don't have to walk to the salon and interact with humans
    If I can assist a surgery I can cut hair right? Turns out, wrong, that shit looks complicated and my arms don't bend like that
  5. Flag up important emails but not actually reply because I don't have the energy to make words happen
    Listapp is an exception of course
  6. Eat leftover green tea panda cookies instead of get up and make actual tea
    Have you tried these? They're so delicious. I bought them from a shop in the hospital because they looked interesting and ended up eating 5 boxes over the weekend.
  7. Google a picture of those panda cookies because I was too lazy to change position and take a picture of the box sitting on my bed
    True story
  8. See if I can order groceries online so I don't have to walk 9 minutes to buy any
  9. See if anything in Newcastle delivers food at noon
    It doesn't. I miss Liverpool
  10. Drink water out of a Gatorade bottle so I don't have to sit up
    This feels worse than a hangover
  11. Ask my friend a question over snapchat instead of text so I don't feel obliged to reply right away
  12. See if I can pay someone to go get my boxes from storage and drop it off to my room
    I can't
  13. To be honest I still feel like I did a good amount of research that amounted to nothing but will be good to know for future lazy days so I don't have to look it up then
  14. Tune in in 3 hours to see if anything changes
    Probably not