1. Waste-disposal/Sanitation services
    Every time I move into a new place I forget to ask about what the garbagè system is. Do you know how stressful it is to just accumulate garbage and not know where it's supposed to go. Thank your garbage person if you bump into them, they help keep the world beautiful and stink free. Also, anywhere outside your house is sanitary because someone got their hands dirty to clean it!
  2. Customer service
    When you're on hold and you finally get to speak to a human you're usually so fed up. Imagine being the person who's speaking to fed up people all day. It's not their fault there's a queue!
  3. Waiters/Waitresses
    Especially when they know the food well and can teach me about it. It makes the dining experience so much more enjoyable.
  4. Teachers
    There's too much to say. This world would be a disaster without teachers. Your abilities and personality is influenced by your teachers. I wouldn't be who I am without the teachers who cared. And not just in school — at work and general life advisors. Teaching comes in all shapes and sizes and it's so important that we keep learning.
  5. Nurses
    Doctors get all this glamour and credit for coming up with treatment plans and swooping in when things get really bad, but the hospital is run by hard-working, extremely patient and caring nurses. Also, they're the ones that spend most of the time with patients and they become really good at pattern recognition and are most aware of patients' needs.
  6. Drivers
    Traffic is so stressful. Imagine that all day. Taxi drivers are usually still happy to hear about your day and listen to you vent. Truck drivers have to do long stressful journeys alone. Bus drivers have it really tough because no one really chats with them and most people don't like taking the bus.
  7. Flight attendants
    The airport and process of travelling is the most stressful thing I can think of. I really respect people who do that all day every day with a smile on their face.
  8. Administrative workers
    I really appreciate it when someone does this job well, it makes life so easy.
  9. Paramedics
    By the time someone reaches the hospital usually most of the real emergent scary problems have been dealt with by the paramedics.
  10. Physiotherapists
    The majority of the time the thing stopping me from discharging someone is mobility. I just refer to physio and then don't really think about it. But it takes so much patience and effort to train someone to move again and to do it safely.
  11. Nutritionists
    Same thing. A lot of the time the thing keeping someone from getting better is nutrition.
  12. Artists
    I don't just mean paintings and sculptures, I also mean product and website design, anything really. Thank you for making the world more beautiful and pleasant to take in.
  13. Aesthetics
    Waxing, hairdressing, manicures, etc. Thanks for looking after people when they often really need it.
  14. Engineers
    Seems like common sense but often forgotten, every year that goes by things get easier whether because of technology, or vehicles or energy, etc— we would all be cavemen without engineers
  15. Writers/Editors
    Both creative and non-creative. Creative writers have the talent to influence the world in a positive way. And every time you google something and it's explained in a way that makes sense right away, some great writer/editor made that happen!
  16. Law enforcement
    Scary job, we shouldn't take for granted that we live in a society where crime is controlled by brave public servants. I know there's sometimes corruption but for the most part it's people trying to ensure your comfort and safety.
  17. Child carers
    Parents aren't the only one who raise kids, a really good babysitter or daycare worker or camp counsellor etc could really impact what kind of person a child turns into.
  18. Parking enforcement
    I would hate to be the person that could ruin someone's day. But the streets would be a mess without the fear of parking tickets.
  19. Software Engineers
    It's a digital world and nothing makes me blood boil more than when I can't do my job because of software issues. I'm always grateful when 1. Someone designs a program that works beautifully 2. Someone can fix my problem efficiently without wasting my time
  20. Speech and Language Therapists
    They also make sure patients can safely swallow! Another job that requires so much patience and effort to work out where the problem originates and how to safely deal with it.
  21. Interpreters
    Have you ever tried to learn a new language? Multilingual people amaze me especially if they learned new languages as an adult.
  22. Human Resources
    Thanks for dealing with all the difficult parts of employment for us.
  23. Retail workers
    If I had to chase after people all day picking up their crap and refolding things only to have them messed up again 2 minutes later I would lose my mind. Retail therapy for us isn't necessarily therapeutic for them. I also really like when they take interest in that event you're shopping for and take time to find you something that highlights your best features, even if you might not buy it.
  24. Construction
    Thank you for building our world and putting yourself at risk of injuries every day.
  25. Public Relations
    Thank you for dealing with how companies/government/healthcare communicate with the pubic in an effective way
  26. Postage services
    I do all my shopping online. I hate crowds. Thanks for making that possible.