Sad things happening in this world all the time
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    Not just your friends or significant other or people who are nice to. That's easy. You'd be a dick not to. Love people who are strangers and and who are mean. You don't have to be happy clappy all the timeβ€” just be nice to people and help them even if they don't deserve it.
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    Don't pat yourself on the back for doing something nice
    It's what we should do. Human instinct is to do good. It's evil acts that are weird and abnormal
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    Not just your best friend who talked about you behind your back πŸ’πŸ»or your boyfriend who accidentally called you fatπŸ™…πŸ». Forgive the evil people in this world who hurt people every day. Don't let them get away with it, of course, but forgive them. They're most likely sick. Or were repeatedly exposed to evil. No one is born evil. Do you think they're really happy? Even if they are, forgive them. Because to forgive is to have hope.
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    Not just about not telling lies. If we were all honest about who we were and what we wanted I bet there would be a lot less conflicts
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    Understand that every person essentially wants the same thing. To feel safe and feel loved and like they belong
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    See previous list
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    So be innocent as lambs 🐏
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    We are sheep among wolves
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    And cunning as serpents 🐍