1. Being highly ambitious and not having anyone question it in a way that you know a man wouldn't be
  2. Not putting up with boys who are mean to me. I say boys because if you're mean to women you are not yet a man.
    It's a huge turn off, the second a guy starts misbehaving this way, you can watch my feelings evaporate almost instantaneously
  3. Avoiding bitching about other women. If another girl is pretty or cool I will say so and mean it. I don't believe we are competing with each other and I can't imagine wanting to be around someone who tries to makes me feel like I am.
    Women usually get the wrong end of the stick already, and we should be helping each other through it.
  4. Celebrating gender roles and not deeming one more important than another.
  5. Accepting when a person of one gender takes on a role that is classically associated with the opposite gender. And not questioning it.
  6. A man can be sensitive
    Doesn't make him weak
  7. A woman can be strong and tough
    Doesn't make her a bitch
  8. How we feel about how we look should be based on our own preferences and making healthy choices
  9. If a woman is acting crazy, ask yourself, have you done anything to make her crazy?
  10. Not changing to make men happy
  11. Stop telling women "no one will love/respect you unless you love/respect yourself"
    We are all insecure?? Everyone deserves love and respect regardless of their confidence issues?? This is a terrible excuse ?
  12. Not getting weirded out because a woman is breastfeeding in public. That is what breasts are for? They're not purely for your aesthetic appreciation. Sorry a woman is using her body for what it was intended for by nature?
  13. I can care about my appearance and clothes and being feminine without having to feel undermined, at work or any other setting
  14. Being feminine means something different to every woman. Some women don't care as much about feeling feminine. It's all ok.
  15. Regardless of your ideas about modesty, it is not anyone's place to comment on how someone chooses to dress and it certainly doesn't warrant treating them differently. Like, it's crazy how what we wear matters so much to society to begin with.
    I do, however, believe this way of thinking shouldn't mean disrespecting others' cultural norm. I believe in doing as the Romans do. If I'm visiting elderly people who have certain beliefs about modestly, or visiting a country or house of worship that expects its guests to dress a certain way, I will respect that.
  16. There's probably a lot more I have to say, but that's all for now.