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  1. my hair
    a classic
  2. this mug
  3. a book
    specifically, oryx and crake by margaret atwood, a great book
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i wanted to remind myself that good things happen!!
  1. april
    i went to this art thing n there was this!! and a lot of other things!!!
  2. may
    my lil brother learned to walk my dog!!!
  3. june
    it was my birthday and i went a cafe w cats !!!!
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i love dresses with pockets with all my heart. every other femme feels me on this.
  1. this one i bought yesterday
  2. this one (witchy?)
  3. this one!!
    this picture is from when someone stopped me at the metro station and asked if they could take my picture for their instagram!!!
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i'm sorry
  1. i'm sorry
    i'm sorry
  1. the lower eyelashes
    they're so little and good. i recommend looking at people's lower eyelashes a lot
  2. missing and murdered indigenous women
  3. boys i met in the psych ward and haven't seen in two years
    I knew this boy for six days and I still cry because I miss him and I never said goodbye. It's okay.
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