1. the lower eyelashes
    they're so little and good. i recommend looking at people's lower eyelashes a lot
  2. missing and murdered indigenous women
  3. boys i met in the psych ward and haven't seen in two years
    I knew this boy for six days and I still cry because I miss him and I never said goodbye. It's okay.
  4. girls i met in the pysch ward and haven't thought about in two years
  5. boys who think other humans are objects that belong to them
    boys think everything is theirs. abstract concepts, objects, bodies, my body. they want to carve me into a better shape. it's too late to escape the knife.
  6. my heart is good
    I cry over almost everything and it is a good way to be, except when it isn't.
  7. the mental health system was originally just created to benefit the neurotypicals, wasn't it?
  8. girls
  9. I don't feel like I own my body
    my body is mine my body is mine my body is mine my body is mine my body is mine
  10. ??????
  11. there are a lot of cows who deserve better lives and I am sorry