...Closer to 30 than 20. Embracing an extended quarter-life crisis and anticipating my midlife one. Little reminders Generation Y is still pretty great.
  1. Shopping for anti-aging products.
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    ...and triumphantly turning my heels. Screw that!
  2. Screenshot of a text from my mom this month.
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    Dad discovered emojis upon entering the digital age but refers to them as "icons"... Can't decide if that is more or less sophisticated or archaic.
  3. The mom, grandma and grandma's sister "selfie".
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    All looking in a different direction.
  4. A BOGO sale on hearing aid batteries.
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    Picture I sent to my dad to let him know he should stop at the pharmacy.
  5. My great-grandmother's birthday cake from her celebration in August.
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    Ridiculous longevity = more time for me to make lists... And pending a LASIK eye surgery ... read lists! 👓