One day I'll make a compilation. Until then, here are 15 reasons why this toy should be revived into an app.
  1. Which 'which?
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  2. If suports was a word, I would think of a clever memory trick like desert vs. dessert.
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  3. Speaking of dessert: watch me whip.
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    *Pick a lane - whipped cream or cool whip... And all I think about is Stewie from Family Guy.
  4. The periodic table deserves a little more respect.
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  5. You say hassle, I say hassel.
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    The fact that they spelled hassle correct in the headline and misspelled it in the paragraph was totes cray. Copy/paste people!
  6. Saving your wallet (and drywall) $19.99 at a time.
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  7. Colonel Sanders, wold renowned chef.
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  8. I'm sure coping skills come in handy every year around April 15th.
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  9. Double-Fail. Facepalm. Repeat.
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  10. It is as if they were aiming for caricature... Almost forgivable - but not.
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  11. In disbelief that this didn't even make the cut for the clearance shelf!
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  12. I can't.
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  13. Pharmacists can spell crazy drug names but can't recognize this glaring eyesore?
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  14. Potato-tally ridiculous.
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  15. Babtism... But my favorite is "Fifteens" in lieu of quinceañeras!!!!!!
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