1. Harriet the Spy 👩🏾🔎
  2. Gymnast 🇺🇸🏅
    Circa 1996 - Dominique Dawes
  3. FBI Agent 🔝 secret
  4. Broadcast Journalist 🎥📺
    ...mostly for a grown-up wardrobe.. then I realized my likelihood of laughter in the middle of all the wrong segments.
  5. Columnist 📰⌨
    Sex and the City needed some ethnicity in the mix! 🏙🗽
  6. Fashion Merchandiser 👷🏽👖
    I took a fashion merchandising class and presented a store featuring military clothing called "G.I." ...And ''marketed' it using Nelly's rap song "E.I." = Andele andele mami, G.I. G.I. clo-ooooothes.
  7. Then I graduated 🎓 and suddenly I'm not quite as sure.
  8. Picked a major: Social Work, graduated again 🎓🎓.
  9. But hopefully my timeline still has a lot more room for shuffling things around!
    💬...As Seen On TV inventor, editor, greeting card writer, interior decorator, personal shopper, pilot car driver, sign language interpreter... 💭🗯💡