Balance in life is key, yet it's so easy to loose sight of it. This list should help me nurture on each aspect of my life.
  1. Emotional ♥️
    Affirmations. Self-love. Self-compassion. Cry. Laugh. Say "I love You." Watch funny movies. Find a hobby. Flirt. Buy yourself a present. Cuddle with your pet. Tell yourself: "You are Gorgeous!" Practice forgiveness.
  2. Personal 🙋🏻
    Learn who you are. Figure out what you want in life. Plan short and long term goals. Make a vision board. Foster friendships. Go on dates. Get coffee with a friend. Get out of debt. Just relax. Write a poem or a book. Spend time with family. Cook out. Learn to play guitar.
  3. Psychological 🌀
    Self-reflection. Therapy. Journal. Self-awareness. Sensory engagement. Aromatherapy. Draw. Paint. Go to a symphony or ballet. Relax in the sun. Garden. Read a self-help book. Join a support group. Thanks about your positive qualities. Practice asking and receiving help.
  4. Physical 💪🏻
    Safe housing. Regular medical care. Eat healthy. Exercise. Be sexual. Get enough sleep. Take vacations. Take time off. Massages. Acupuncture. Bubblebaths. Kiss. Ask for nurture. Take a walk. Turn off cell phone. Get "me" time.
  5. Spiritual 🙏🏼
    Self-reflection. Go into nature. Find spiritual community. Self-cherish. Meditate. Sing. Dance. Play. Be inspired. Take yoga. Play with children. Bathe in the ocean. Watch sunsets. Pray. Find spiritual mentor. Volunteer for a cause. Foster self-forgiveness.
  6. Professional 👜
    Take time for lunch. Set boundaries. Do no work overtime. Leave work at work. Do not work during your time off. Get regular supervision. Get suppose of colleagues. Take mental health days. Learn to say NO. Plan your next career move. Take a class. Take all vacation and sick days.