My home state...even after living in New Jersey for 20+years Ohio is still home for me.
  1. My City was Gone by The Pretenders
    I put this at number one because it gives a shoutout to my hometown, Cuyahoga Falls. How cool is it when your 17, 18 years old and badass Chrissie Hynde sings about your city?
  2. Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National
    Always gives me goosebumps. "I never married, but Ohio don't remember me"
  3. Ohio by The Black Keys
    When this comes up in my iPod rotation, it gets cranked all the way up. Whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-Ohio! Killer tune.
  4. Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
    The classic.
  5. Cleveland Rocks by Ian Hunter
    It really does. Ohioans are awesome music fans. I went to many a concert at the Coliseum and Blossom. I followed a band called Fayrewether all over NE Ohio (and briefly dated their sound man, but that's another story).