1. Snow White
    I had a dark brown bob, Mum thought it worked well with that.
  2. Jasmine
    The fairest skinned Jasmine of all time
  3. A Shepard
    I grew up Roman Catholic and with many Italians I was in a nativity play, natch.
  4. A Northern Italian traditional dress
    I used to do dance at an Italian club here in Sydney and I have a beautiful dress that my mum made. It's not a super fancy costume it just made me feel awesome.
  5. Black Swan
    It was to a party I went to, don't pass out in leotards girls.
  6. Freda Kahlo
    Very basic, it was over 35 degrees Celsius that day I couldn't commit any more to that.
  7. A Pauper, a Munchkin, a 1950's housewife (something I felt a million billion bucks in) and a man in Oliver Twist.
    School plays
  8. Fairy
    Something I did fairly regularly as a child.