It's Friday night in Sydney so we still have another 2 days, be warned a lot of it because of David Bowie.
  1. David Bowie, I sobbed when I saw the people in Brixton singing his songs.
  2. Something trivial at work that I didn't cope well with and had to fight off.
  3. David Bowie again on the bus listening to his music just slays me.
  4. Reading an article about Bowie playing in West Berlin in 1987
  5. Reading Lorde's tribute to David Bowie I did some sobbing to that.
  6. The fact that I haven't had a holiday a proper holiday somewhere in almost 4 years somewhere warm and where I can relax.
  7. David Bowie again
    listening to Moonage Day Dream I love that song.
  8. Alan Rickman
    oh man that set me off big time.
  9. Reading the tributes to Alan Rickman from all those who were privileged enough to work with him. Emma Thompson's had me weepy and having all the feelings.
  10. And my daily weep about the poor refugees fleeing a horrible terror of which we cannot even begins to fathom.
  11. This on Instagram
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  12. I bought a photo book of Ireland and I felt homesick for my second home
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  13. And as a write this list every single thing has made me cry again.