1. 1.
    Slammed on our glass door the first week to introduce his daughter. He said "this is my mentally challenged daughter, I apologize in advance if she wonders around the house sometimes".... ?
  2. 2.
    Asked my Roomate with long black hair if she was wearing a burka/hijab and of Muslim religion
    The look of terror when he saw her was truly a face of racism....amazing
  3. 3.
    Found a dent on his car and asked us if our boyfriends did it in the middle of night and we said we didn't have bfs and he walked away
    Still confused on this one
  4. 4.
    Brought a chainsaw to trim our orange tree. A CHAINSAW for an ORANGE TREE
  5. 5.
    Told us to check out his YouTube channel where he "preaches to his brothers and sisters"
    We did and immediately became 100x more terrified
  6. 6.
    Has over 100 videos of blogging consisting of him narrating what happened in his day AND dreams. Says every little thing is a sign from God
  7. 7.
    Slammed on window again and invited us to his daughters confirmation
    No thx
  8. 8.
    Says God bless anytime he says goodbye
  9. 9.
    Still don't know his name
    Halp us