1. Excuse me when did this become a thing
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  2. How can anyone possibly be productive with their arms pinned to their side like this
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  3. Even men!!!! WHY WHAT ARE YOU DOING SIR
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  4. There are sleeves for a reason!!!! One fat gust of wind... COAT GONE 👋🏼
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  5. Like I get it makes the coat look expensive etc but it's irrelevant if you cannot complete tasks!!
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  7. Kanye thinks he's fierce when in reality if I tossed him a water ballon he wouldn't be able to catch it softly b4 it explodes or if he does he loose that peacoat
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  8. They're probably still cold despite wearing a COAT
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  9. I blame the kardashians
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  10. Like how much more effort does it take to put ur arms inside
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  11. It's so loosely placed on ur shoulders. So much room for falling coats UGH STRESSED
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