Inspired by @TEDRadioHour
  1. Have you ever put on jeans and forgot they were ripped and gotten toes stuck inside of the fabric bits
  2. Always have a fear of having a life sentencing disease and not being aware of it
  3. Put on your hoodie and headphones while walking and imagining yourself in an indie flick
  4. Thought about speaking up or writing about a problem that a lot of people discuss but don't because your thoughts don't seem any different
  5. Ran up your stairs after shutting the lights off because you think a paranormal thing will drag you down
  6. Bailed on a blind date last minute bc of unnecessary anxiety of appearing better in photos
  7. Have you ever gone to the bathroom at an event just to check your armpit sweat stains and ended up using a hand dryer
  8. Have you ever been in a public restroom and waited till the person came in and left so you could pee in private
  9. Have you scrolled through your snapchat views only looking for one name
  10. Have you dreamed of waking up and showering and getting ready only to wake up to your alarm
  11. Have you crafted and branded your imaginary famous alter ego
  12. Have you rambled on to long when being interviewed for a job about your made up "skills"
  13. Have you felt betrayed by society for being told a college degree will get you a job
  14. Have you been at the gym and taken a snapchat in the mirror with the time stamp
  15. Have you become so humble you begin to bash yourself in conversations with people leading them to feel sorry for you
  16. Well that was fun...