Satire included 😉
  1. First start with melodies, I prefer piano. It's easy to manipulate onto other instruments and can be translated simply
  2. There is a mass amount of hit songs (ballads) that use 4 main chords usually centered around middle C and G major chords.
    They vary between verses and choruses
  3. Find the chords that sound pleasant next to eachother and melodically play them in a slow or fast 1-2-3 tempo. The 1-2-3 being the pause/hold between notes. Plays each chord three times and the last chord once
  4. When coming to the end of a verse, change the last 8 counts to a variation of the chords that leaves open the chorus introduction
    Ex. " Hello" plays f major, a# minor, d# minor, then c# major the entire verse and then the last 8 counts goes from F to D to C then adds a C chord before the chorus
  5. The chorus is usually faster or louder and with what I call "mud" notes added.
    This is where you add a higher or lower octave of the same exact chords you were playing on one hand in order to give it more impact.
  6. Next find a theme you want to run with for the lyrics, try this new idea called love or even heartbreak.... writing about people seems to be a new thing as well!!
  7. Always make sure you have one catchy line that if someone heard the song once they would remember that line
  8. Never step out of the "song writing outline" boundaries this means ALWAYS make sure you have a intro, verse, pre chorus, chorus, verse, pre chorus, chorus, BRIDGE !!!, and then you guessed it..... chorus !
  9. Last but not least try as hard as you can to sound catchy or else no one in our short attention span society will give a damn what your singing 😉
  10. Happy writing future musicians🎶🎶🎶
    And come prepared for your creativity to be ripped from your soul \(^o^)/
  11. Ps. Im bitter
    And I still love Adele shhhh