Inspired by @clownfish
  1. People who are obsessed with older golden retrievers
  2. Communication majors who hate public speaking
  3. Sarcastic drunk people that are horrible wing women/men
  4. People who incorporate organization and cleaning into their daily life
  5. People with crazy Irish immigrant parents
  6. People who prefer prosecco over champagne and know the difference
  7. Girls who don't like showing cleavage because their boobs are far apart: therefore have no cleavage to show
  8. Iced coffee people in the winter
  9. People who can't go to target for more than hour
  10. People writing their thesis on gender conformity, and comfortable to talk about it
  11. Anyone who discusses the dem debates at parties
  12. People who say "please....just don't" when someone wants to talk about trump
  13. Women who work with children
  14. People who do crazy things to their hair every couple of months
  15. Girls who hate the bachelor but watch it anyway to laugh at HOW ABSURD IT IS OMG
  16. and Fox News LMAO
  17. People who don't like drake that much??? I don't get it
  18. People who get freaked out by cats
  19. Pools but never oceans
  20. People who pick up a new hobby every couple of months in order to ~~"find themselves" ~~
  21. People who are semi involved in everything they do but never 100%
  22. People who think about space ALOT