This isn't a sad story so you can chill.
  1. So when I was a freshman in high school at an all girls catholic school in the hills
  2. We had uniforms that were collard shirts and skirts with sweater vests and wverything
  3. Our only luxury was that we could wear Birkenstocks with long socks (sooo comfortable) so naturally I looked like actual Jesus everyday
  4. And my mom was the devil and would make me walk 2 miles to the train and take it home everyday
  5. I lived about a 20 minute drive away so I understand now why she NEVER drove me
  6. But usually I had train buddies whose mothers forced them to take the train as well to walk with
  7. But that day I didn't.
  8. I was about a mile in and I stopped on the corner to about 3 cars lined up to make a right turn
  9. It was a stop sign so there was no walking man to tell me to walk
  10. Some young kid in a 1970s Orange Chevy was super close to me and not looking at me but looking left to see if he should turn
  11. My dumb ass 15 year old self crossed the street like I owned it, and he floored it right into the side of my left leg
  12. My whole body somehow flew forward and landed on my ass sliding on the concrete still facing the car
  14. And my iPod and headphones were now in the middle of the intersection he was turning into
  15. I jump up like a physco path like nothing happened and look for all my shit
  16. He pops his head out and screams at me " ARE YOU OKAY WHAT THE FUCK"
  17. I'm immediately say "yeah omg !!! I'm fine!!!"
  18. He drives off and my shoes appear where his car was and I get my shit gathered and continue to walk across the crosswalk so fucking flustered and bright red
  19. Some dad and his daughter get out of their car and run to me and start freaking out and asking if I'm okay and if they should call an ambulance or police
  20. Bc technically that dude just did a hit and run on me, but I was so embarrassed I wanted to GTFO
  21. So I don't remember how but I get this dad and girl to leave me alone and comfort them saying I'm fine I'm fine
  22. And I start to walk the rest of the way to the train
  23. Okay this is the shitty part
  24. I slowly start limping, all my adrenalin is wearing off and my knee is on FIRE like I defiantly fucked up my left knee
  25. It even looked wrong, like swollen ALREADY and lumpy in the wrong place.
  26. I finally get to the train and I'm calling my mom telling her I got hit by a car, but I'm still so embarrassed I downplayed it so hard she wasn't even worried at all.
  27. She didn't come get me, cuz I made it sound like nothing
  28. Then I got home and my family freaks the fuck out cuz my knee is massive and swollen and I go to the hospital get an X-ray and can't remember what exactly I did to it but I was on crutches for 2 weeks and couldn't walk
  29. So basically bc I was a shy ass 15 year old nerd, I couldn't have stopped the guy who hit me or taken his license plate or even get a ride from that nice dad who saw it or tell my mom I was too injured to walk.
  30. I still get secondhand embarrassment thinking about it