not what you think
  1. Peoples emotions
    Surprise surprise people have them
  2. My emotions
    The lows and highs. I can't say this enough, feeling a mini firework go off in your mind can help you learn about yourself. Listen to it!!!!
  3. Validation
    Nothing new here
  4. My dogs heavy breathing
    Aging hurts my soul
  5. Out of tune keys on my piano
    Perfect pitch is not in my range
  6. Pauses in sentences
    Silence communicates wonderfully
  7. When to say thanks instead of sorry
  8. Unspoken forgiveness
    Sobering thoughts granted to me make me grateful for my lack of apologies
  9. Personality differences
    Tweak tweak
  10. Lessons
    Every event, person, and action comes with a learnable lesson whether you realize it or not. it's always possible to improve. It's always okay to improve.