If ya gunna judge, BOY bye
  1. C- covered in tattoos, drank whiskey straight, wore a Rolex, smoked weed, smelled like fresh flowers and didn't care
  2. S-played in a punk band, a complete mess in a cute way, his nightstand was a stack of books, weird in bed , woke up to him writing in a journal, watched adventure time till noon
  3. M-hilariously goofy, spilled everything by accident, a giant, could quote Kevin hart effortlessly, drank from mason jars, bought me Starbucks the next morning
  4. M- said I was a strange beauty, held my hand, kissed me like we were married, lots of eye contact, woke me up with black coffee in bed
  5. C- his left wall was a bookcase, wore slippers, gave me his dress shirt, had candy hidden under his bed, talked dirty, told me he's had a crush on me awhile
  6. J- long time coming, complimented me on my insecurities bc he knew about them already, snuggles with puppy, boxer briefs, made pancakes with his roomates, said "oh my" a lot